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Estadísticas de Éxito
  • 100% formally studies.
  • 90% of graduates have successfully been incorporated into society.
  • 90% are officialy hired at the companies or entreprises where they have undergone their internships.
  • 90% of the graduates of the last five years are currently working at the companies contacted by the Hogar Siembra.
  • 95% of the graduate population of the last five years currently holds a savings fund, product of their own work.
  • 100% of the graduates are given counseling since the age of sixteen in the establishing of a life plan.
  • 100% of the girls upon graduating have respectable living quarters and family income and resources.
  • 95% attains outstanding recovery in psycological, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of their lives.
  • 100% of those 16 years of age and older have received occupational therapy services.
  • 100% of the girls who have turned 17 participate in work internships.
  • The percentaje of turnover or dropouts is an approximate of 2%.
  • 100% participates in workshops on customer service.
  • 100% participates in self-magement projects.
  • 100% participates in giving customer service at the Hogar's pastry stand.
  • 100% participates in the hydroponics project.
  • The girls' catering service mini-entreprise was, among other homes, designated as the Best mini-entreprise of the year 2005.


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