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Hogar Siembra Turns 30 Years

The NGO "Hogar Siembra" meets this May 30 years of work for female adolescents in social risk conditions.

Under the slogan "a girl who saves is a generation that rescues" this institution, declared several years in the Public Interest, has treated dozens of young victims of violence, neglect, abuse and commercial sexual exploitation.
Based on information provided by the same organization, it is estimated that about 200 young people have been part of holistic care program that provides "Hogar Siembra" since its founding in 1983.

Since then, "Hogar Siembra" provides transitional housing to young women at high social risk, providing shelter and food, academic and technical training, values ​​and tools they need to meet independent living responsibly, on reaching the age of majority.
It is known that emotional stability, economic and social status of women is essential for the formation of functional families and this in turn results in healthier societies from every point of view. Hence, the high impact that the NGO.

"We know we've marked difference in the quality of life of many women. Today most of our graduates have their own families, work and have the strength to face life. Create real changes in women, families and society "said Doris Falconer, director of the entity.

Currently, "Hogar Siembra" houses 36 young, between 11 and 17 and provides support to two young men who have completed the age of majority.
Each youth is part of a program called Project Life, which includes academic, technical, values ​​education, spiritual growth, therapeutic care, medical and specialized. In addition, vocational, recreational and social responsibility, with volunteer hours at other hostels and other vulnerable populations.

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Save the date for the Wine Sensations

Of course, you're welcome to reserve the August 14 to participate in the seventh edition of the most anticipated wine event of the year, the Wine Sensations.

The Hotel Real Intercontinental will be the setting for an evening that promises to awaken the best feelings about exquisite wine brands and a perfect marriage.

Wine Sensations is today the public's favorite event to offer an opportunity to develop knowledge about wine culture, meet consumer tastes and open a space for dialogue with importers of fine wines.

Tickets will be on sale from June for a value of $ 100, which will be donated to the Home Planting. For more information contact through the mail:

Record Number Of Participation In Sports Festival "Copa Siembra"

A memorable edition of the Sports Festival "Copa Siembra" was held on 15 and 16 March at the Costa Rica Country Club, sponsored by National Bank official.

For the tenth time, the Festival welcomed this and other sports clubs, those motivated by social work "Hogar Siembra" were enrolled in different disciplines to compete, enjoy and help.

The 2013 registration fees were reached earlier than thinking and even formed Golf waiting list, thus overcoming all particpación figures from previous years.

As is tradition, the athletes completed their day with lunch at the Hall Cana Brava and then danced until evening with good music always Ivoire national group.

Thanks to the sponsors and partners, participants won many prizes through raffles that were held during the festival, hotel stays, cell phones, product baskets, gift certificates in various shops, among others.

"Hogar Siembra" Invest More Resources In Education

One of the key objectives of "Hogar Siembra" is to ensure that young forward everything possible in their academic studies. It is for this reason that this year the organization has enriched its curriculum with a series of actions intended to facilitate the girls reach a higher level of education.

After talking about the individual situation of each girl with teachers and tutors, we have incorporated new practices such as more hours of class, hiring new teachers for specific subjects, study centers given by the young women themselves, educational tours, update of textbooks and special recognition for good grades.

Currently, nine girls attending primary and the rest are preparing to submit exams seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth year.

Academic studies are a complement to life project that develops each student during the 4 or 5 years they spend on average each. Technical training in other areas such as computing, languages​​, culinary arts and customer service are part of the tools that are given in pursuit of them to achieve a better quality of life.

Doris Falconer Assume Executive Management

The executive management of the "Hogar Siembra" is busy since last January by Mrs. Doris Falconer, a journalist with extensive experience in leadership positions.

Mrs. Falconer has worked in various media, has been linked to tourism from different jobs, currently hosts a radio show and has excellent contacts with businessmen, journalists and representatives of major institutions.

This year two others were integrated administrative work Hogar Siembra". In Leon Daphne administrative assistance and support to the care of young Mrs. Francis Rodriguez.

"Hogar Siembra" Launches Their Products To Market

As of now, the delicious products that prepare youth "Home Seeding" will be available in the great fair of organic products Avenida Escazú, called "Mercado Km0", which is held every Saturday from 8:00 am

On an ongoing basis, the public who visit the fair can be found at the booth of "Hogar Siembra" delicious jams of traditional flavors like blackberry and strawberry, but also of exotic flavors, such as pineapple, papaya, peach, passion fruit and cranberry.

They are also selling other packaged products, 100% natural, like Marinated Mushrooms, Apple-Mint Dressing, Chileros, spice oils and vinegars.

Stresses also one of the most exclusive products of the show: 1 Edible Flowers, ideal for decorating dishes and salads. Additionally, the "Hogar Siembra" offers Mini Vegetable and Fruit Bars Dried Orange and delicious decorated Cup Cakes and packaged in boxes of six units.

Proceeds from the sale of these products is intended to self-management program that drives the institution itself, and that allows young people to develop skills, not only in food preparation, but in managing a business as a way of earning a living .

"Km0 Market" is a project that specifically addresses a group of six girls, who distribute the work to prepare, package and market the products that are sold every Saturday.

We invite you to visit the stand of "Hogar Siembra" and purchase top quality food at a good price.

Media Enhance Work Of Phillip Morris For "Hogar Siembra

La Prensa Libre, Tuesday 4th September 2012: 85% of sexual abuse victims are girls between 14 and 18 years. To read the article, click here.

Noticias Columbia:  Interview with Guillermo Oliva, director of "Asuntos Corporativos de Tabacalera Costarricense" and Gonzalo Manuel Korea, chief information "Noticias Columbia".

Noticias canal 7Association Hogar Siembra.

New Installations Will Gradually Equipping

With much effort, the new premises of "Hogar Siembra", opened last August, are gradually gaining a warm, thanks to the affection with which its director, Laura Arrieta and members of the Board, have selected the furniture and building decoration. With the support of IMAS, it managed to buy much of the household and it was possible to remodel a building to house young people who are graduating.

While the new building of "Hogar Siembra", built next to the old plant, was completed to 100% in September, was the end of December last year was achieved with the basic condition for young residents moved.

From that moment, the work of equipping the new house has been hard work and consistent, which has required a lot of investment.

Beds, quilts, closets, chairs, dining set, appliances, plants, pictures, are part of the furniture that have been installed to offer girls a pleasant, comfortable and safe, where they can feel "at home" during their recovery process and developing their life plan.

There are still some details which are currently working, but it is expected that this year, the building is fully equipped.

New Youth Residence for 18 years olds

The young residents "Home Seeding" which are close to reaching their majority, have the option of applying to live another 18 months on the campus of Sowing.

In order to provide girls a transitional space suitable and safe, the Home, with the support of IMAS, remodeled one the old buildings, making it a modern apartment with six rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and common area.

It is expected that during the year and a half in addition, young women can achieve greater emotional maturity, as they complete their studies, work and end up forming his plan for independent living.

The new Residencia Juvenil will ensure greater success these girls in their positive integration process and social work field, which is the ultimate goal of the institution.

If you want to help the "Home seeding" may do so in the following ways:

Sponsorship of a girl
Donations in kind
Donations of money (wire transfer, check, card, Direct payment / personal or business / monthly or yearly)

Your economic contribution is deductible from income tax.
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Cuenta corriente Banco Nacional: 100-01037003290

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Solidarity Companies Can Rescue Girls

  • Campaign aimed at companies looking to increase the population of the Home Planting.
  • DHL and BNV already joined this initiative.
  • Employers and Collaborators may change the life of a child.

Dozens of girls that are currently being sexually exploited may find a possibility of change in the "Home Seeding" but it requires the support of private enterprise.

Although the institution has budgetary capacity to attend to 25 children, and integrate more young people to its successful "program", need economic support, and that is why calls on employers and employees to join the campaign "Sponsor a child". The cost of integral attention each child is $ 500 a month, about $ 6000 a year.

Companies like DHL and "Bolsa Nacional de Valores" are already participating. DHL, for example, sponsored two girls, who were living under very deplorable abuse, while BNV, allowed another child to be rescued in previous days.

For more information on how you can sponsor a girl, you can call phone 2438-9044 / 2439-1786 or contact through the mail:


Board Of Directors Of PANI, Approved Regular Budget 2012

At yesterday's regular meeting September 26, the Board of Directors approved the regular budget for fiscal year 2012 in the amount of ¢ 30.951 million colones for the attention of institutional objectives aimed at integral attention to children and adolescents in the country.

To Marielos Hernandez, CEO of "Patronato Nacional de la Infancia" this approval by the Board demonstrates that it continues to meet the goals set in this administration: improved infrastructure for quality care, protection alternatives to develop and encourage our children to the best of their abilities. Among other things it will financially support the ICT Department, as requested by the Comptroller General of the Republic.

This budget will develop a major injection of capital to:

  1. COSEVI transfer, originated in traffic fines reflects a growth of 8% compared to this year, which cooperates towards the growth of the infrastructure to the special care and protection of childhood and adolescence. However, it is known that the draft law is being discussed in the Legislative Assembly could mean a drop in income to raise such a reduction in the taxable amount of the fines.
  2. Financing through NGOs and Caring Homes over 5000 minors, from the daily care, feeding to special protection.
  3. Assign the sum of ¢ 600 million for the hiring of technicians and professionals in medical sciences, legal, social and educational for "integral attention" to minors under attentional processes as direct contracting modality recently approved by the Comptroller General of the Republic.
  4. Finance again 863 children in comprehensive care centers in the framework of the "National Network of Care and Child Development."
  5. Include in the budget of ¢ 400 million for the construction of the local office and a new hostel in Homeless in partnership with the city of that district.
  6. Provide budget to take two facilities in the province of Limón: Children's Village in the Village Pococí and Moin, which will allow improving the care of children and adolescents in charge of PANI. In addition to facilities with greater capacity and professional specialists assisted.
  7. Budgeting over ¢ 400 million to sign agreements for educational reintegration of the adolescent-mother and minors with problems of drug addiction and alcoholism.
  8. Predicting ¢ 400 million for the team of professional engineers and architects who will lead by three years the National Infrastructure Plan across the country.



PANI, NGOs And Private Companies Provide Opportunities and Costa Rican Childhood Dreams

Yesterday the "National Foundation for Children" "PANI", the Business Association AED Development, Access Foundation and SC Johnson developed the first evaluation of the program called Super Fairy - "Strengthening Our Life Project Through the ICT ".

The main objective of the project is to strengthen and carry out a "teaching-learning process for the empowerment of women at-risk youth."

This is going to serve girls through training model is instilling they provide to those who were in that condition social risk construction skills for life project.

The "Hogar Siembra" in San Rafael de Alajuela and "Home Montiel" in Rio Oro de Santa Ana kept under their care and protection to a total of 21 and 24 respectively and adolescents.

It is also important to note that this training allows the appropriate information and communication technologies (ICTs) as tools to reduce the digital divide and enhance their employability.

Shared with young people: Tanya Lockwood, Access Foundation; Marielos Hernandez, President of PANI, Roberto Rojas, President of the Board of Seeding; Karen Clachar VALORTE president; Ericka Linares, AED; sisters Brenes and Dannya Priscilla Perez of Home Montiel and Rafael Rodriguez of SC Johnson.

Hernandez, CEO of PANI said: "do not have to thank us, we have to thank you we are allowing us to grow spiritually, and bless God for letting us all be here today to share their experiences. Moreover want to tell that the steps we take in life but sometimes are very difficult to make us stronger. "

For actors visit the girls was great excitement because they were happy and motivated to see how many of your dreams are going to be turned into opportunities and expressions of their desire for life.

"Many thanks know that there are many people here that are important and which are from his position helping, this project allows us to heal wounds and also develop", Victoria, 17, skilled young.

Rafael Rodriguez of SC Johnson said with satisfaction: "We wish to extend this program to many other girls here in Costa Rica and out of this country and support to many young people, we are working with a lot of affection for it," Rafael Rodriguez of SC Johnson.

More information in and Communication and Press 25-230816 Roberto Lopez.



We Hace Finished Building

IMAS, Siembra Association, and private enterprice.


Girls and adolescents that have been the victims of abuse now have a new home, thanks to the joint effort of the Siembra Association, the "Instituto Mixto de Ayuda Social — IMAS" (Institute of Social Aid), and private companies, such as:  Tabacalera Costarricense — an affiliate of Philip Morris International, SC Johnson, Banco Promerica (Promerica Bank), and Arquiva.

Hogar Siembra, a non-governmental organization with 20 years of service to children and adolescents facing social risk, inaugurated a new building that excedes 600 m2 (about 6,460 ft2) next to its older infraestructure in San Rafael of Alajuela.


The new building will increase the capacity in 35 new admissions and will facilitate a different life story for many girls and adolescents who currently find in Hogar Siembra a new purpose in their lives.


The construction process began in January with the support of IMAS, which donated an approximate of 96 million colones.  With a similar amount, raised by the Siembra Association in events such as VALOARTE, the World Cup Siembra, and Wine Sensations, it was possible to cover the costs of some phases of the project.  Furthermore, it is important to point out the priceless contribution of private enterprises, such as Arquiva, Kapital Group, Tabacalera Costarricense — an affiliate of Philip Morris International, Banco Promerica (Promerica Bank), SC Johnson, and Stock Market (Costa Rica), which have given invaluable support in the form of professional, financial, and in-kind aid.


Roberto Rojas, President of Hogar Siembra, stresses the joint work and efforts of the government, an NGO, and private enterprise.

"We are deeply thankfull to all the people, institutions, and firms that have made it possible to provide a new home for these girls.  It is a dream come true to be able to offer better opportunities to our population."


  • To increase the population.
  • To diversify focus areas.
  • To assist, for a longer period of time, in the successful incorporation into society of those girls who have reached 18.
  • In the future, to replicate this assistance model in other provinces.
  • To consider the service of new Homes with other types of population; such as girls below the age of 12, or boys that have survived abuse but do not have access to a place that can offer them specialized attention.



The State grants Hogar Siembra the status of Institution dedicated to Public Well Being

Throughout its 26 years of hard work, the Siembra Association has received the formal notification, on the part of the Ministry of Justice and Grace and the Presidency of the Republic, of the granting of its status as an institution dedicated to Public Well Being (Declaratoria de Utilidad Pública).  This is a rank conferred by the Executive Power, being that the association's interests and activities are particularly helpful to the State's interests and, in consequence, contribute to fulfill a primary social need that deserves the support of the Costa Rican government.


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