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1. Donations deductible of tax payment:

2. Sponsor or support our annual fund raising events:

3. Financing specific projects:

  • Construction
  • Educational scholarships
  • Productive projects

4. Corporate efforts

Example of 1+1 support programs

  • Companies and their employees commit with a mutual collaboration.
  • Monthly collaboration deductible from paycheck.
  • Employee collaborates and company collaborates with the same amount.

5. Fund raising campaigns

We offer induction and training for people who intervene in the development of fund raising campaigns.

6. Godmother or godfather

  • You can help a specific girl involving yourself, your family or a group of friends in a social cause.
  • You can give a monthly financial aid or a scholarship in an artistic activity or a short career.
  • You will have the opportunity to visit her and call her when it is possible with previous coordination.
  • You can help in birthday celebrations.

7. Be an employer for the girls

8. Volunteer in Hogar Siembra, provide specific services.

In Hogar Siembra, we require a multidisciplinary group of people with social sensibility, to provide services adhonorem in order to fortify the institution and its population.

  • Volunteering in organizing our specific fund raising events.
  • Offering services in different areas such as legal, medical, educational.
  • Attracting new donations.


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