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Organization, leadership, vision and the will to transmit a corporate social responsibility philosophy attracting hundreds of committed citizens to help costarican youth, are the reasons that move these highly recognized events in benefit of Hogar Siembra.


Sports Festival Copa Siembra

This is the biggest good will sports festival in the country and runs by the slogan of «Soildarity and Sports».  More than 300 athletes from different sport clubs participate in order to help Hogar Siembra...  More.

Copa Siembra Sports Festival was born as a golf tournament, initiative from Mrs. Helen de Barahona one of the founders of Hogar Siembra.  It was created ten years ago with the purpose of raising funds for this organization.  The event has kept growing significantly and nowadays it includes different sports such as tennis, golf, bowling, swimming, mountain bike, spinning, running and racquetball.

The event is held at Costa Rica Country Club who has supported the cause since the first edition of the festival.  In order to participate of the event, contributors make a donation which includes the sporting event followed by a party animated by musical group Marta y los del Barrio.





Wine Sensations

Wine Sensations Cultural Event

Wine Sensations was created in 2007 as cultural fund raising event.  It had the idea of becoming an unforgettable evening contributing to amplify the wine culture in the country.  This event is a day full of sensations where the assistants get to try the best wines from the country's different importers.  Wine Sensations also offers small courses about wine tasting.  The event counts with more than a dozen of the country's best importers as well as 400 assistants.





Haiti Compassion Relief

Valoarte-International Art Exhibition.


Valoarte is the biggest art expo-sale in the country and it is known as one of the most important referents in the region.  The event is held since 2003 and is recognized by the Ministry of Culture since its first edition.  The sample counts with more than 250 art pieces.  The artists represent approximately 20 different nationalities with diverse proposals in visual arts such as:  video, sculpture, installation, objects, paintings, photography, etc.  100% of the profit is destined to Hogar Siembra and represents 70% of it's yearly income.


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